Which throwing knife is best for me?

Choose a throwing knife.EN When looking for throwing knives, there is such a variety on sale that you are simply lost. Reading up on the features of a good throwing knife and maybe consulting some throwing knife reviews will help, but there is a quicker way! Using the service at Hunch.com, I created a series of simple questions about your needs, such as "Are you a beginner?". Answer those, and the artificial intelligence algorithm will tell you what your perfect throwing knife is.

Step-by-step: Choose your perfect throwing knife.

For the scientifically minded, the main technique behind this are so-called desicion trees. I provided the service with relevant questions and results, then set up the decision rules and trained the process.


EN The Tru-Bal company founded by the famous american knife thrower Harry McEvoy is still in business, now run by his son Stephen. For a look at the very fine, albeit pricey and heavy, US-style throwing knives visit the official dealer, who presents the knives in detail.

DE Die Firma Tru-Bal, gegründet von der Messerwerfer-Legende Harry McEvoy, stellt immer noch die Messer her, für die Harry berühmt wurde: Designs wie die Bowie-Axe mit 340g Gewicht. Sohn Stephen führt die Geschäfte, viele der sehr amerikanischen und nicht billigen Modelle sind bei diesem offiziellen Shop zu bewundern.

FR Fondé par le lanceur de couteaux fameux américan Harry McEvoy, l'entreprise Tru-Bal continue à vendre ses grands designs, comme le Bowie-Axe à 340g. Boutique officiel