Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Throwing knife sticking in a mirror.
EN Philippe is training to take part in the "Shrek 4" movie. The rest of you, remember: knives obviously stick in mirrors, but it's not a good idea for a target.

DE Philippe trainiert für seine Rolle im Film "Shrek 4". Alle anderen merken sich bitte, dass Wurfmesser zwar offensichtlich in Spiegeln stecken bleiben, diese aber trotzdem keine idealen Wurfziele darstellen.

FR Philippe s'entraine pour participer dans le film "Shrek 4". Pour les autres: évidemment, des couteaux se plantent dans un mirroir, mais néanmoins ceci ne présente pas un cible ideal.

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Maître Lanceur said...

it is very exceptionel that the miror don't explode completely in thousand pieces. i' is because the knive arrive perfectly straight in the glass and with a suffisant energy.Of course I was trying to stick the nearest of the glass but not in . that was a mistake but a chance for a nice photo